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The holding

Before the holding,
there is Meninx

Meninx is a historical, cultural, and economic archaeological site located on the island of Djerba. Founded in 2007 by the late Mr. Bechir Tamarziste, Meninx Holding is driven, above all, by a profound patriotic spirit.

This conviction was strengthened by the belief that Tunisia, with its rich history and abundant human resources, harbors all the essential elements to emerge as a key player in the regional economic and cultural landscape.

Values as

At the core of Meninx Holding's principles are the values inherited from its founders, transmitted through the generations. These values breathe and manifest in the everyday actions and stances of every company within the group.


Work ethic


Impactful Investments

With a commitment to social responsibility, Meninx Holding pursues an investment approach that aims to harmonize:




We firmly believe that for a project to succeed, one must first believe in its leaders.

Because it is in them that we invest.

We are convinced that for a project to thrive, it must carry meaning.

Because it is in the future that we invest.

February 8, 1956
Where it all begins

Le Pneu Company

In 1956, a young and visionary Mr. Bechir Tamarziste takes the reins of ‘Le Pneu’ from its French owners. With a foundation laid in the realms of industrial commerce and fueled by an innate entrepreneurial instinct, he embarks on a journey that would redefine the landscape.
75 years later, ‘Le Pneu’ has evolved into a benchmark of automotive pneumatic and industrial rubber distribution. Its exclusive partnerships with international brands have propelled it to the forefront of the sector.
From its beginnings, the company is located at the heart of downtown tunis, on the Avenue de Carthage.

January 5, 1965
From Distributor to Producer

APOLLO Company

While ‘commercial’ activities marked the beginning of the entrepreneur’s career, the economic policy of the 1960s favored industrialization.
With great agility, the entrepreneur seized the context and ventured into the production of light bulbs, targeting primarily the Tunisian and Algerian markets.
Although the Apollo company closed its doors in the late 1990s, it was a necessary stepping stone for a company that still remains an integral part of the Group.

January 5, 1970
Crucial investments

Stock & Real Estate Investments

# 1970s marked a period of massive ‘Tunisification’ in the major banks of Tunisia. In this landscape and demonstrating the foresight that defines him, Mr. Tamarziste makes substantial investments in the banking sector through the purchase of shares.
At the same time, his passion for real estate prompts him to make significant investments in residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural lands.

January 5, 1978
_Trade as the guiding thread

Électricité de l’Avenir

# establishing a foothold in tire distribution and drawing on industrial expertise, the entrepreneur takes on the challenge of electrical equipment distribution.
Gaining exclusive representation of international brands, that, even at that time, were addressing energy efficiency concerns.
Today, Electricity of the Future positions itself as a provider of added-value solutions to meet the specific needs of the market.

January 5, 2007
Expanding into new ventures

Meninx Holding

# Holding emerges first and foremost from the strong desire of the Tamarziste family to structure its activities and heritage, but above all, to diversify with key principles:

January 5, 2011
_Believing in human capital

Tunis Call Center

# a pioneer in call centers in Tunisia, focusing on medical and IT, Tunis Call Center was founded in 1998.
Meninx becomes part of the company’s capital in 2011 and undertakes a restructuring journey, emphasizing its added value through strategic decisions :
– The opening of 2 new production sites in Tunisia and a showcase in France
– Increasing the workforce by +200%
– Segmenting expertise through 4 services: digital/Business / Development/Customer care/Health Care.

January 1, 2012
_Believing in human capital


# COFFEE is the first coffee shop concept created in Tunisia.
Born in the aftermath of the revolution, COSMITTO was conceived as an inspiring space—a place for meeting, exchange, freedom, and creativity.
All this revolves around original and high-quality coffees, served by baristas trained by international experts, deeply passionate about their craft, transforming the brand into a true nest of talent.

January 4, 2013
_Embracing technology

EO Datacenter

# Data Center is the operator of Tunisia’s first private data center, empowering large companies and startups to unleash their potential without the burden of cumbersome servers or concerns about business continuity.Our cutting-edge technology offers:
– Quality hosting in a secure infrastructure.
Simple and scalable solutions based on advanced technologies, ensuring reliable and high-performance access
A cost-effective approach to storage, maintenance, and IT system administration.

January 4, 2013
_Embracing technology

Via Mobile

# Mobile provides alternative payment solutions to Tunisian banks and IMFs, serving as the first integrator of secure and innovative mobile and internet financial transactions.
The company has forged strategic partnerships with renowned partners such as BIAT, Tunisie Telecom, ENDA Microfinance, Carrefour, and Monoprix through its diverse services:
Mobile money : mdinar® (electronic wallet in collaboration with BIAT).
E-Ticketing : Restaurant Portal; Checkout Top-up; Meal Vouchers / Gifts.
Branchless banking : Mobile agent for microfinance; Secure online payment; Money transfer for the Tunisian Diaspora.

January 1, 2015
_Believing in human capital

Atelier Lital

#, for Meninx Holding, preserving craftsmanship is a matter of responsibility, In 2015, the Group invested in Atelier Lital, specializing in the creation, manufacturing, and distribution of leather goods since 1993.
This investment has led to the :
Strengthening of the production apparatus.
Preservation of the work of 30 artisans and the expansion of the teams.
– Enhancing of the services provided to customers.

January 4, 2016
_Fostering creativity


# is both a startup accelerator and a venture capital fund targetting seed and early-stage phases for entrepreneurs in the MENA region.
Already operating in four other countries (Cairo, Jeddah, Abu Dhabi, and Beirut), it expands its footprint to Tunisia with the backing of investment firm Meninx Holding, the Tunisian American Enterprise Fund (TAEF), and the Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisie (BIAT).
Flat6Labs Tunis provides Tunisian entrepreneurs with financing, mentorship programs, a shared workspace, and several other benefits and privileges.

January 11, 2016
_Trade as the guiding thread

MG Motors

# the first decade of Meninx was devoted to exploring new horizons, the year 2016 witnessed a nostalgic return to the foundational DNA of the Tamarziste group: TRADE.
Meninx Holding, through its dealership OIS Motors, takes on the automotive market, this time with the exclusive representation of Morris Garage (MG) cars in Tunisia. Established in 1924, MG stands as a timeless icon in British automotive heritage.

January 5, 2016
_Trade as the guiding thread


# Agricoles proudly serves as the official representative for agricultural products from renowned brands like Solis, Same, Lamborghini, Nardi, and Hyster-Maximal.
With an extensive team of nearly 20 dedicated professionals covering the entire Tunisian territory, the company’s passion and expertise have propelled its brands to the top 5 in Tunisia.

January 4, 2017
_Fostering creativity

International School of Sfax

# International School of Sfax was established in 2017 by Meninx Holding.
Offering Education from kindergarten to high school and accredited by AEFE, its mission is to enlighten the citizens of tomorrow, delving beyond fundamental academic teachings.
The school places special emphasis on ecology, technology, and essential human values such as empathy.

January 4, 2017
_Fostering creativity

LE 15

# headquarters of Meninx Holding are located on the top floor of 15 Avenue de Carthage, a historic building in the heart of downtown Tunis.
This building has been restored to preserve its soul and essence while providing collaborators with modern comfort and amenities.
In the spirit of the lively downtown Tunis, the number ’15’ on the avenue took on a new significance. It became a symbol of a post-January 14th, a symbol of hopes that were eager to be nourished.
And so, from the heart of historic 15 Avenue de Carthage, ‘Le 15’ came to life.

January 1, 2018
_Embracing technology


# the leading infrastructure operator in Tunisia, its positioning reflects the global trend in the telecommunications sector towards infrastructure sharing to better meet the exponential demand for high-speed connectivity.