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Our employees are integral to our culture and distinctive values. We aspire to make their work exciting through collaborative management, quality work-life balance, and human capital management that fosters closeness and career development.


we believe in
human capital

We carefully review applications, working closely with headhunters to identify and recruit the best profiles. We reveal our employees' potential through individual development plans and provide multiple opportunities for internal mobility. Talent retention is crucial to us, ensuring a good work-life balance, positive team atmosphere, and tools for measuring satisfaction.

Our collaborators are the key to our success.

Our collaborators’ passion and commitment towards their work and clients have contributed to Meninx Holding becoming one of Tunisia's most respected financial institutions. We implement customized development plans through sector-specific competence frameworks, valuing our teams' expertise and enabling skill development.

Opportunities at Meninx

Skills development

Skills development at Meninx involves understanding competency needs per position and collecting precise requirements during semi-annual or annual evaluations. Skills development plans are executed by internal mentors or external partners through collaborations with schools and specialized organizations.

Performance management

Performance management at Meninx involves detailed job descriptions, an evaluation grid for measurable and achievable objectives, communication and explanation of goals, and progress monitoring through internal semi-annual and annual evaluations.

Join us

Joining the Meninx team ensures individual, collective, and organizational performance development through competence enhancement plans.